St Michael's Primary, DA16

St Michael's C of E Primary School

'Loving learning, learning to love... A small school, part of God's big family.'

About the PTA

So...everybody knows about the horrible budget cuts.

Well, it's time to get creative; this year we are going for it BIG time!

Our beautiful little school is in desperate need of a beautiful playground. We have been accepted for the Aviva Community Fund! We need an incredible £75,000 in order to achieve this - if we are successful with Aviva, we could be awarded up to £25,000! To get to the final, we need votes and LOTS of them. The power is in your hands....please get voting!

The school has a very active Parent Teachers Association who are responsible for organising a wide variety of events throughout the year, all designed to appeal to both children and parents alike.

The funds generated from these activities are spent on the children in a number of different ways ranging from outdoor field trips, to learning aids, or travelling theatre companies, to the purchase of school equipment and even special educational weeks but this only part of the story.

The PTA also manages the stock and supply of school uniform, which ensures garments are always competitively priced and readily available from the store, located by the school office.

Around 10 events a year, such as discos, bingo nights and inflatable days, generate funds dedicated to enriching the scholastic life of our children and making their time at St Michael’s a happy and memorable experience. If you feel you would like to join our team, or would like further information about our activities, please contact us by email at