St Michael's Primary, DA16

St Michael's C of E Primary School

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Class 1

Class 1 - Miss G Weldrick 

Welcome to Class 1!


Miss Weldrick is the teacher in Class 1. In Class 1 we take pride in how hard we work.

In English, we will be learning from and reading a range of books including ‘Pig the Pug’ and ‘Julian is a Mermaid’. We will be using our phonics knowledge to help us write our own stories, leaflets, poems and much more! We will be developing our writing skills to include question marks, exclamation marks and adjectives in our texts. In maths, we will become more confident in counting up to 100, counting one more and one less and ordering numbers. We will learn how to add and subtract numbers to 20, identify 2D and 3D shapes and tell the time using loads of resources to help us along the way! In science, we will be investigating the four seasons, animals including humans, plants and different materials.

We will be learning about the weather and the different seasons in geography and science. Over the school year we will be watching the weather change as we go through the different seasons. In geography, we will also be travelling around the world and discovering what life is like in the city. As historians, we will be travelling back in time to discover what it was like to live in a castle; become intrepid explorers and research what toys were like in the past. In Art and DT, we will be using our topics for inspiration to fill our scrapbooks up with fantastic pieces of art and creations.

We hope to have a fantastic year, create many memories and achieve great things.