St Michael's Primary, DA16

St Michael's C of E Primary School

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Class 2

Class 2 - Miss S Vitty, Mrs J Goddard and Mrs S Seguin 

Welcome to Class 2!


This term our topic is Inventors.


 In English, we have read the book, Here We Are, which is all about our wonderful Earth and what we can find on it. We have learnt about different environments on Earth and written to aliens, explaining all about the wonders that can be found on the land and the sea. We have also learnt about people and animals and talked about the special people that make up our own communities. Later this term we will be reading and learning about the story Rosie Revere, Engineer, which is about a girl called Rosie, who designs a new type of bridge. We will be learning about different bridge mechanisms and designing and building our own bridges to carry different weights.  We will also be writing about our designs and editing and improving our writing using adjectives to expand nouns and exclamation marks to make some of our sentences sound more exciting.


In mathematics, we have completed work on place value. We have become more confident with partitioning, comparing and ordering two-digit numbers up to 100 and we are getting better at counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. Soon, we will be moving onto addition and subtraction.


Our work in science is focused on the uses of everyday materials and we are exploring the properties and uses of different materials, which will also help us when building our bridges. We will also be designing and making boats in DT, to sail under our bridges. In History, we will be learning about famous explorers, and in PE e are focusing on cricket and outdoor games. ‚Äč