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Class 3

Class 3 - Ms S Vitty

Welcome to Class 3!

This year Class 3 have made the move upstairs to KS2, stepping on the magic ‘growing’ step as they go. They are becoming increasingly independent learners, embracing new challenges, such as the daily mile and learning French, and improving their thinking and problem solving skills across all subjects.

Over this year, we will be delving into many fabulous texts in English, including The First Drawing, The Day I swapped my Dad for 2 Goldfish, Escape from Pompeii and Cinderella of the Nile. We will be improving our writing skills, writing a range of different texts, and really focusing on using conjunctions to join and start sentences, using apostrophes for contraction and possession, understanding homophones and prefixes and suffixes and how they help us with our spelling.

Our maths this year will focus on consolidating and deepening our understanding of key mathematical concepts, ensuring that we have secured our knowledge. Reasoning and problem solving will play a key role in our maths lessons.

In History we will be discovering what life was like in Prehistoric Britain, and learning about the fascinating practices of the Romans and the Ancient Egyptians.

In Science, we will be building upon what we have previously learnt about knowledge of animals including humans and plants. We will also be exploring the topics of rocks, magnets and forces, and light and shade. We will be improving our scientific skills of observation, conducting fair tests, and recording and analysing data.

In our RE lessons, we will be focusing on Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism this year.

Not forgetting geography, computing, PE, music, French, art and DT - every half term will be full of opportunities to develop our skills across the curriculum. We look forward to sharing some of our adventures and achievements with you throughout the year.