Class 4

CLASS 4 - Miss A Raisey and Mrs N Watson 

Welcome to Class 4!




This year we have an action packed year of delving into Ancient cultures, which includes Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome!  We will be learning all about these ancient civilisations, and how they shaped our society today.  Within Geography we will be looking at our society, and comparing our county to other countries in the world, looking at weather systems and how we impact on other cultures.


In English we will be using the Power of Reading scheme, studying different genres of books and creating fabulous writing master pieces for each topic. Within Maths will we continue Improving our mathematical skills for addition,  subtraction, multiplication and division.


RE in year 4 covers the Miracles of Jesus, which leads into Christmas.  Then we will be looking at different aspects of faith, such as being Christian and being famous, can these go together? And how has Christianity survived 2000 years?  We will also be looking at other faiths, such as Islam, Sikhism, what they believe and why they believe it.


In Science, we are covering all aspects of life, including; Sound, Electricity, States of Matter, Animals including Humans, Living things and their habitats. Within computing we are going to be delving into the world of system designs, including creating our own animation and logos.


As I said it is an action packed year, and there’s lots more I couldn’t fit in!


Here’s to a great year!