Class 6

Class 6 - Mrs Smith and Mrs Wheeler

Welcome to Class 6's page.




This year marks our final year at St. Michael's and we're determined to make it as memorable as possible. Together, with Mrs Smith (our teacher) and Mrs Wheeler and Mrs Lay (our TAs), we have begun what will be a jam-packed year full of learning,  adventures and St. Michael's traditions.

This year in English, we will be delving into some fabulous (secret) texts as part of our Power of Reading scheme, from which we will be basing our writing upon. (Mrs Smith is exceptionally excited about developing is into sophisticated writers!) Our maths this year will focus on consolidating and deepening our understanding of key mathematical concepts as well as the introduction of some new topics such as algebra.
Taking inspiration from some of the world's most renowned scientists such as Darwin, Edison and Volta, we will be investigating light, electricity, micro-organisms, evolution and the circulatory system.

As historians, we will be travelling back in time to discover what it was like to be a child in World War 2; explore the trials and tribulations of an Antarctic exploration; and look at the at the role women have played in society. In geography, we will be exploring Europe in relation to WW2, looking at the polar regions and becoming tourists as we investigate one of the seven wonders of the world - The Grand Canyon. In PE, we will be finessing our defending and attacking skills; travelling back to the 1940s with the Lindy Hop; gymnastics with Beaming Stars; swimming; tennis; and cricket. Our music sessions will continue to be led by Mrs Chanchai who will be getting us ready to perform at The O2 as part of Young Voices! In Art and DT, we will be using our topics for inspiration to create a variety of different pieces in various forms of media.

Incredibly, on top of all our fantastic learning, we will still be squeezing in some much loved activities throughout the year, including a Macmillan Coffee Morning; educational trips linked to our topics; our school journey to Kingswood; the swimming gala; and the finale that is the Year 6 production! All of these things help to develop us as individuals, enabling us to share our God-given talents.

We hope that you'll pop by to find out about some of our great achievements throughout the year.

Class 6