St Michael's Primary, DA16

St Michael's C of E Primary School

'Loving learning, learning to love... A small school, part of God's big family.'

Class R

Class R - Miss L Carroll  

Welcome to Class R!


In Class R, Miss Carroll, Mrs Parfitt and Mrs Gadd are our teachers. We work very hard in Class R even though we are the youngest at St Michael's. 

This year is our first year at St Michael's and we will take part in lots of fun activities to help us learn throughout the year. 

In Class R we will be reading lots of books. We will read books that link to our learning and will complete activities based on these books. . 

This year we will work hard to improve our gross and fine motor skills. We will complete activities both in our classroom and in our garden. 

Miss Carroll will plan exciting topics for the children to learn and develop through. Each day children have the opportunity to access adult-led and child-initiated activities which cover the Early Years Curriculum. Whilst children are carrying out these activities, observations are made to inform where the children are on the assessment profile and therefore next steps can be planned for. Remember to check your Tapestry account to see your child's observations. 

The children in Reception follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and work towards the seven areas of Learning and Development. The framework uses a very holistic approach to learning and places strong emphasis on the individual child.  It is also a continuation from the active learning the children have been involved in at Nursery and culminates in the Foundation Stage Profile that assesses all areas of learning for your child. At the end of the year, a written report shall be provided for each child based on the Foundation Stage Profile. 

At the end of Class R most children will : -

  • have a basic understanding of counting and size;
  • be able to listen to and understand stories;
  • recognise and begin to form letters and words;
  • spell simple words;
  • be able to communicate in sentences;
  • be confident in their knowledge of the school routine;
  • be able to co-operate with other pupils and staff;
  •  take pride in themselves and their achievements



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