At St. Michael’s, we see mathematics as a tool for life.

Through the teaching and developing of a child’s ability to calculate, reason, think logically and solve problems, it allows the children to make sense of the world around them and become a part of their working lives.

At St. Michael’s, we aim to achieve this through delivering a mastery curriculum that encompasses the three main aims of the National Curriculum: fluency, reasoning and problem solving.

Furthermore, it is our intention that all children will have the opportunity to develop their learning through using a range of concrete, pictorial and abstract approaches. We endeavour to ensure that all children in our care leave our school with high standards of numeracy as well as literacy.


Calculation Policy                   Mathematics Policy

How can you help your child with their learning?

Encourage your children to explain what they are doing in their maths lessons.

The more that children can explain new concepts, the better they will become at retaining and applying new skills.

Encourage your children to use maths skills in real life contexts. For example, they could help you measure inredients when baking or cooking; they could help you to count up money and find change; they could help you read a bus timetable. 

Telling the time is an important life skill, which we feel all children could practise regularly at home. Although we cover this on the National Curriculum, the more practise the children can have with this skill, the better. 

Useful Websites

Times Table Rockstars (Year 3 - 6)

This will help children to become quicker at recalling their multiplication tables and corresponding division facts.

MyMaths (Year 1 - 6)

This can help reinforce the children's learning in class. There are lessons, games and activities to support their learning across the primary curriculum.