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St Michael's C of E Primary School

St Michael's C of E Primary School

Reading at Home

We want to foster children's love of reading as we feel books unlock a world of both adventure and knowledge. We are passionate about children being exposed to quality literature and strive to ensure our curriculum is book rich.

When children first embark on their reading journey, they will take two books home: One that focuses on their current phonics level and another that can be share read with somebody at home. Children progress through book bands, which cater for reading ages from 3 up to 12 years.

We would encourage children to read at home daily, ideally for 10 minutes or more. Books will be changed regularly; please see the class information letters or speak to your child's teacher regarding book changing days.

Book Recommendations

We are often asked for book recommendations so we have included some below from Books for Topics. The books include a selection of fiction and non-fiction. We hope they are useful.Nursery Recommended Reads      Reception Recommended Reads

Year 1 Recommended Reads         Year 2 Recommended Reads

Year 3 Recommended Reads        Year 4 Recommended Reads

Year 5 Recommended Reads        Year 6 Recommended Reads